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Alex Sumsky is Co-Founder of Forever Network

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Source: Rival IQ 2017 Media Avg; Facebook. 

Source: Shareablee

Source: Tubular Labs (ER30) March '18

Australian Publisher on Social.


for video engagement, and 1.5x Bleacher Report.


We're breaking new ground

Our audience is the millennial sports and culture fanatic. 

They love sport, music, streetwear, travel and food. Skewing heavily young and male, they view on mobile and have a growing disposable income.

Monthly Social Interactions 

38 million

Cross-platform monthly video views

Cross-platform content consumptions 

the industry avg social engagement rate.

100+ million

Over 20x 

Cross-platform monthly reach

500+ million

60 million

75% view on mobile



80% under 34


Work With Us

We partner with leading brands to unlock new ground and achieve their business goals. 

Through sponsored partnerships, branded content and activations we nest your brand within our premium original content.

Branded Content

Custom content: video, graphics and written editorial, in the FN voice, all with guaranteed reach.

Prominent feature of brand/product, for distribution on our channels and yours.


Branded activations across social and web.

Prominent feature of product and access to entrant data.


Our programming slate covers over 700+ monthly pieces across highlights, written, original video, audio and more

Ad inventory includes front/end card branding, pre-roll, live reads, product integration, top and tail, custom programming and more.

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